Maria Landon

True Identity (in progress)

True Identity was going to be the title of my 3rd book but because the publishing world has changed so dramatically these last few years and because of my own health problems my plans too have had to change.

But fear not my friends, the good news is that I intend to publish it in small articles/ chapters/essays/wafflings / blogs on here! Isn’t that good don’t you think? I have worked far too hard on it and have written far too much material to just delete it!  But really it is just more of my experiences and my thoughts and feelings  which is what many people do in the form of a blog.

True Identity writings will however differ greatly from my previous works. After the ‘Daddy’s Little Earner’ and ‘Escaping Daddy’ had been published and I became a Christian 5 years ago, things changed for me dramatically and I have to say that this really has been the very happiest time of my life. Life is very different when you have a relationship with Jesus and you discover things about yourself and your world that you never knew before. I think it must be like having had cataracts and having them removed; the world looks different from a place of grace. I have changed since I wrote my books, I’m still the same crazy girl but despite illness I continue to change and flourish into the person God created me to be. I am no longer ‘Daddy’s Little Earner’ I no longer have to run around in circles ‘Escaping Daddy’ looking for something or someone to make it all better. I am home safe and sound now. God is my heavenly Father and through His word I have found the real truth about who I am and who He created me to be.

I appreciate many people have no idea what I am talking about when I speak of a personal relationship with Jesus and that is the very reason I wanted to write about my experiences. I soon learnt that God can heal in ways I never could have imagined. I thought I was doing ok with all my personal development exercises and I guess I did get by ok for a few years but I have realised that although those techniques and exercises can be helpful, they can only take you so far. I would still recommend them as useful but now I realise they can only heal at a superficial level. When I realised that all those things were to be found in the Bible and this was the word of a loving and compassionate heavenly Father, I realised that the Bible was the only self help book I would ever need. The difference between those books and the Bible is of course that the Bible is the TRUTH, written by God Himself. One could disagree with the author of any self help book but its rather futile to argue with God! I know, I’ve tried 🙂 So when God says he loves me, that I am his treasured possession, the apple of his eye and that I am created for Him and by Him, I better believe it. This is God speaking!

It wasn’t easy to begin, I had so many questions about God and the church and all the questions that go with it but just as I have in my previous books, I write openly and honestly about my journey. So many questions, so much confusion, getting my heart broken again, anger with God, changing, letting go, learning to trust. The list goes on and its true that at times it has been challenging but gradually I became more confident in the new identity I had discovered in God. My prayer is that by sharing my experiences they will help and encourage others on their journey.

God bless Much love Ria

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