Maria Landon

New Creations Jewellery

2014-06-04 16.33.28New Creations is my fundraising initiative for ‘Shine’

For more information about ‘Shine’ please follow this link  SHINE

Jewellery making (amongst other crafts) is a hobby I have only recently discovered and I absolutely love! I am no expert but I do hope to develop my skills as I go along and who knows where it might lead.  Due to continuing illness I’m not sure I will ever become a professional jewellery maker so for now and the foreseeable future it’s a hobby I thoroughly enjoy and also gives me the opportunity to support the amazing people in our church who deliver the ‘Shine’ course into local schools.

I hope to open an online shop at some point but I’m not sure how to go about that and certainly not ready for that commitment just yet.  So for now I will be selling my Jewellery and other crafty bits at local craft fairs, fete’s and via people I know.  I also have a face book page so if you see anything you like or if there is anything you would like me to make for you, please let me know. I am happy to post to anywhere in the world (I think!)….. subject to postage costs 🙂

‘New Creations’ facebook page is Click Here






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