Maria Landon





2 responses to “Causes/Campaigns/Charities

  1. Erika says:

    Dear Maria,
    I read your book ”Daddy’s little earner” it provoke so many emotions..I was very touched because I’ve lived in a abusive relationship a friend loan it to me however here in Canada is extremly hard to find and I really want to own that book and read your second book, By any chance could you sent me one copy of each signed??? Let me know if it’s possible, if it’s not I still appreciate all the work you do.

  2. maree says:

    Dear Maria,
    I was deeply saddened and distressed by your book. I believe you are a very brave lady of whom has achieved a huge amount especially in the consideration of the appalling life in which you were forced to live. I do not know you however when you said at the end of your book you still loved your father- well these are emotions I am not able to understand however these are your feelings and them alone. My friend Louise committed suicide by jumping over beachy head because her stepfather with her mother’s consent raped her for eight years. I did not know her during this time however the first day at school I remembered she acted differently. Louise confided in me and although I did not completely understand as I even by the age of 13 I had not heard of sex. I regret I did not tell anyone as I believe my father and mother would have saved her- my father when she committed suicide said we could have adopted her- as he was a solicitor and my mother an RGN nurse.
    Please keep brave and regard yourself a fine woman and an inspiration. I hope you find the star in the sky I sent to you.

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