Maria Landon


Its so good to be able to say ‘I am an Author’ 🙂  It took me a very long time to fulfil my dream but I got there eventually.

I am the very proud author of 2 international top 10 selling books about my life experiences.

‘Daddy’s Little Earner’  More info HERE

‘Escaping Daddy’  More Info HERE

Because of the content of the above books I find myself writing and talking about subjects that other people sometimes find difficult to deal with.  I don’t mean to shock people when they ask what I write about but sadly child abuse, incest and prostitution are issues that we live with in our world and I believe that ignoring these issues is not helpful at all. I am no expert on these matters but I have eventually managed to move myself from living in constant hurt and pain to living my life with faith, hope and love. By sharing my experiences I hope to raise understanding and awareness of these issues but also to try and encourage others who may have experienced similar abuse, that they must ‘Never Give Up.’  From what I have observed, there are far too any people ‘surviving’ life and not actually ‘living’ it because they have been unable to overcome childhood trauma.

After studying as a mature student and achieving my BA Hons in English Literature and Cultural Studies I discovered a real passion for books and writing and now I just love to write about all sorts of stuff!  I also became a Christian in 2008 and have to say I  love Jesus with all my heart and it is only through Him that I have really been able to leave the past behind me. I truly believe that it is only through Jesus that we can truly heal those awful hurts.

And so much of my writing/waffling will be about Jesus, some of it about healing (its ongoing!) and some of it just about stuff I find interesting.

I do hope you find my blog/website interesting and informative. Please feel free to leave comments or contact me. I love to hear from you 🙂




4 responses to “Author

  1. Kelly Thorneycroft says:

    Wow what an amazing testimony. Do you visit churches sharing your testimony we would love to book you?

    We are an outreach church reaching out to the lost in Grimsby.

    We work closely with Bridge friends a charity run by leaders from our church to the girls working on the streets locally.

    It would be awesome if you would visit us. We pay all expenses and provide you with accommodation if required.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Kelly Thorneycroft

  2. Tif says:

    I am interested in writing a book based on my life. I read on Google that in order to write a good memoire….I must read other people’s biographies with similar backgrounds and I came across your story which broke my heart and I found very creepy to be so similar. I would like you to email me, please!!god bless you!

  3. Em says:

    I have just read your book because the manager of my care home recommended it to me and I wanted to say that you have honestly help me to come to terms with my past and that I am not alone. I will always be grateful for your book and the awareness it hopefully spreads that prostitution and child sexual abuse is a very real thing and that it happens in the UK and almost everywhere in the world. I would love to email you so please feel free to email me 🙂
    Thank you so so much

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