Maria Landon


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  1. Helen says:

    Hello Maria,

    Two days ago when I picked up your book, ‘Daddy’s Little Earner’, I was unable to put it down until now, having read it from cover to cover and until then I had never heard of you.

    I must say, I have nothing but admiration for you and how you came through such terrible times!

    Having come from a large family with no role models as parents and having to bring ourselves up in the main after our grandmother became too old, it has left me with deep routed self esteem problems, which over the years, led to me making poor choices in relationships eventually leading to disastrous outcomes. I’m wondering if by now, you having worked with various charities and social services, whether or not you can recommend any particular counselling as I’ve tried various, but not found anyone suitable, despite trying different ones.

    Anyway , any recommendation or suggestions would be welcomed.

    Many thanks Helen

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